The Upward Swing of Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard is making a come back. Many people are now switching from their regular membrane keyboard to mechanical ones. This trend have been going on for a while, but for the last two years it has skyrocket. There are now many mechanical keyboard review sites compared to couple of years ago signaling the increase interest for it.

This is definitely good news, especially for those of you who are still a novice in this niche. With this upward swing there will be much more information available about the subject. You can now read and find different reviews about mechanical keyboards which will be useful when you decide to buy one.

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With more people jumping on the wagon, there will be more manufacturers. And more manufacturers mean more competition. This can only be a good thing for you as consumers because you will get products which have increase quality with a lower price. As you may know, mechanical keyboards are more expensive than their rubber membrane counterpart. You can get a decent membrane keyboard for $40 while a good mechanical keyboard will  cost you at least $80. But with this upward trend, and increasing competition, the price will start to go down.

I believe that this is a trend that will continue to rise. The main reason is because people are starting to notice the overwhelming quality of mechanical keyboard compared to regular keyboard. From the build quality, positive typing experience and the fact that mechanical switch keyboard will last longer, it is a no brainer which type of keyboard to choose for your next purchase.


Why mechanical keyboards?

Next to your smartphone, your computer is probably one of the device that you use daily. It is ,nowadays, a creative tool that you use at work and for some of you at home. The shape and the technology of computer is changing at a blinding speed. However, the way you interact with it and register your input stays the same – through your keyboard.

The technology of keyboard has not change by much. The form and design may have change, you have a slimmer keyboard, but for the most part the function and the mechanics behind them stays the same. There are now touch keyboards where they use a different technology than conventional keyboards, but many people just can’t get use to its feel because of the lack of feedback. As for the technology in conventional keyboards that you get with your computer, is a actually a step backward.

From financial point of view, the rubber dome technology makes perfect sense. It is cheap to make, with an additional benefit of making the keyboard looking sleek which in turn get more people to buy the products. But once you compare these keyboards with its mechanical counter part, there is no competition.

Unlike today’s keyboard, mechanical ones use spring to provide resistance. For this reason, mechanical keyboard can provide a satisfying feedback that many enthusiasts prefer. This is also the reason why most people can type faster and with more accuracy while typing on it. Plus, you can do so without exerting much effort due to the light actuation force of the mechanical switches. While it is thicker and heavier than rubber membrane keyboards, most mechanical keyboards have a better build quality and can last much longer.

Mechanical keyboards don’t come cheap. You have to pay around $80 to get good ones, and some of the best ones can cost you more than $200. But if you want to type faster with more comfort, and have a keyboard that last, then you should definitely give mechanical keyboards a try.